We are innovative.
We develop unique solutions.


Innovation isn’t just about inventing new products. It’s about knowing how to turn those products into successful, commercial solutions that will benefit your business and your customers. We’re here to help you create pioneering composite products and the winning strategy that will accelerate them to market.

From tapping into the expertise of the market, to mitigating the technical and financial risks, we can work with you from start to finish, or support a specific element of your project.

Our service includes:

  • Innovation brainstorming and workshops.
  • Techno-economic studies including voice of market and voice of customer feedback.
  • Materials, process and product development strategies.
  • Business planning and project management.
  • Design, development, testing and certification to international standards.
  • Risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Financing methodologies.
  • Help with first adopter and technical sales.