Experts in our field with a proven track record.


Hive have a wealth of in-depth experience and knowledge in a range of composite materials technologies, honed over many decades of innovative engineering.

Hive have designed, developed, tested and certified numerous materials, processes and world-first products, including:

We’re also experts when it comes to the wealth creation opportunities of new and existing composites, and the challenges of designing and delivering innovative materials, processes and products, for new and established markets.  From research, intellectual property and risk mitigation, to the product development cycle, including R&D, market acceptance and sales.

Our Team

Gerry Boyce.

Gerry is Hive’s co-founder and Managing Director and throughout his career he’s specialised in the commercial application of composite materials across a broad range of industries, from modular power poles to crash-friendly streetlights and signposts.

After studying Metallurgy and Materials Science at the University of Nottingham, Gerry completed a Masters in Polymer Technology at Loughborough University, sponsored by BIP Chemicals. He joined BIP, first as a R&D Materials Scientist working on toughened polyester resins and SMC products, and then as a project engineer designing and developing carbon fibre prepegs for Formula 1 racing cars.

Gerry went on to set up the Advanced Composites team at PERA, an independent R&D organisation, and led major UK and European initiatives to design, develop, test and certify new materials technologies in a variety of sectors.

In 1992, Gerry launched his own company, EPL Composite Solutions Ltd, and pioneered an impressive number of commercial applications in the energy, infrastructure and transportation markets, including electrically-resistant cross arms for pylons, rebars, in-situ lining of water mains pipes, spoolable thermoplastic composite pipelines and composite trailers.

When EPL was acquired by Haydale Graphene Industries plc in 2014, Gerry was appointed Managing Director of Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd, giving him the opportunity to design and develop graphene-enhanced composite materials and applications, and set up joint development projects with major blue-chip companies.

Ebrahim Ghavam-Shahidi (Ebby Shahidi).

Ebby Shahidi has nearly four decades of experience in the Advanced Composites industry and has led many major UK and European research programs combining application engineering and the development of new, advanced composite materials in the aerospace, defence, transport and infrastructure sectors.

After becoming part of the team at Advanced Composites Group (ACG), Ebby progressed to Managing Director of Advanced Composites Components Ltd and Group Technical and Technology Director until ACG (then UMECO) was acquired by Cytec.  Ebby moved to Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd, as Director for the Aerospace and Defence division and the company’s General Manager. While there, he concentrated the organisation’s focus on developing application deriving materials and processes, using traditional fibre-reinforced composites with nanomaterials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes, for added functionality such as thermal, electrical and toughness improvements.

Ebby uses his extensive experience in composites and prepreg to develop new materials to customer requirements.