Experts at developing new composite technologies


Hive have a wealth of in-depth experience and knowledge in a range of composite materials technologies, honed over many decades of innovative engineering.

Hive have designed, developed, tested and certified numerous materials, processes and world-first products, including:

  • Carbon fibre prepreg materials for aerospace, space and defence applications.
  • Thermoplastic composite fabrics, continuous tapes and sandwich panels.
  • Pultruded crash-friendly composite sign posts and street lights.
  • Modular filament wound lighting columns and power poles for electrical distribution.
  • High pressure, spoolable thermoplastic composite pipelines for oil and gas.
  • Electrically resistant composite cross arms for electrical transmission.
  • Lightweight Battery EV enclosures with fire protection.

We’re also experts when it comes to the business opportunities of new and existing composites, and the challenges of designing and delivering innovative materials, processes and products, for new and established markets.  From research, intellectual property and risk mitigation, to the product development cycle, including R&D, market acceptance and sales.

Our Team

Gerry Boyce – Innovation

Gerry studied Metallurgy and Materials Science at Nottingham University and Polymer Technology at Loughborough University . Gerry has 40 years experience in the design ,development, testing and certification of polymer and polymer composite applications, primarily in the energy and infrastructure markets. Gerry is a serial entrepreneur and has been at the forefront of some world leading composite applications including composite rebars; utility poles; crash friendly sign posts; composite pylons; in-situ pipelining; and spoolable, high-pressure thermoplastic composite pipelines for the oil and gas industry.

Ebby Shahidi – Engineering

Ebby Shahidi has nearly four decades of experience in the Advanced Composites industry having been an early part of the team at Advanced Composites Group (ACG).  Ebby was Managing Director of Advanced Composites Components Ltd and Group Technical and Technology Director until ACG (then UMECO) was acquired by Cytec.  Ebby moved to Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd, as Director for the Aerospace and Defence division and the company’s General Manager. While there, he concentrated the organisation’s focus on developing application deriving materials and processes, using traditional fibre-reinforced composites with nanomaterials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes, for added functionality such as thermal, electrical and toughness improvements.  Ebby uses his extensive experience in composites and prepreg to develop new materials to customer requirements.

Dr Mat Turner – Engineering

Mat studied Mechanical Engineering and Composites Materials at Nottingham University.  He worked at the MoD before starting to develop thermoplastic composite innovations in the 1990s at the company that would ultimately become Hive Composites.  Mat is responsible for the engineering and composites design of products at Hive.  He has developed materials, process and product technologies resulting in several patents and is experienced in thermoset and thermoplastic composites as well as in general engineering.  Mat has recently headed developments in fire retardant, pultruded composite structures for EV battery enclosures and in large scale filament wound utility pole design and manufacture.

Peter Hansen – Testing

Peter (Ceng, IMechE) studied Automotive Engineering Design, Manufacture and Management and worked for Materials Engineering Research Laboratory (MERL) for 23 years, specialising in materials & product development and testing in elastomers, thermoplastics, adhesives and composites.  MERL became part of Element Materials Technology and Peter was the sector lead for transport for the Element Hitchin site.  Peter is responsible for innovation at Hive as well as being project manager for large projects and leading the testing and certification services.

Nigel Finney – Production

Nigel (Ceng, MIMechE) is a chartered Mechanical Engineer and has a Masters in Manufacturing from Cranfield University.  Nigel specialises in developing and establishing state-of-art composites production technology and has over 20 years experience in delivering certified pultrusion, filament winding and thermoplastic tape winding technology worldwide.  Nigel is primary inventor of a hybrid glass/carbon, crash friendly pultruded post system – co-developed with 3M, now trading as Frangible Safety Posts.